#ForzaMilan @ACMilan Avatar Pack

Desperate times call for desperate measures. Like millions of others, I’m a lifelong @ACMilan. Together we are all suffering from the poor results and uncertain future, but make no mistake. We will rise again. #WeAreACMilan I’ve made this special avatar pack for all supporters of this wonderful and historic club, so we can all remember what is most important about being a fan of @ACMilan: to support them, through thick and thin.

Here’s to a brighter future and more titles. #RossoneroPerSempre

Shout out to some of my favorite Milan accounts on twitter:

@MilanEye @TheMilanGuys @ACMilanNYC @MilanClubPhilly @ACMilanNorway @ACMilanClubDC @NYSACMILAN

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