#WorldPeace Avatar Pack #PrayForTheWorld

After the tragic events we’ve witnessed recently, as well as many others over the years, we are all being reminded of the true value of peace. War is a constant, but so is our unified desire for peace. We must come together as one, and for the future of this beautiful planet; that is not a proposal, but a necessity for the coming generations of human civilization, and the rest of life we share this world with.

I wanted to make an avatar pack to represent #WorldPeace, but I quickly realized that I couldn’t use flags or emblems. These are symbols of our seperation, symbols of borders and differing interests. We can proudly be ourselves, but perhaps we can more proudly be each other, in that we are all the same. Thinking about this single planet we live on, I decided to make my own rendition of the renowned Peace symbol, one that represented our world, rather than the various separations within it.


And so I present the #WorldPeace logo, using bars that represent not only the colors of our world, but the proportions of each to the other. About 70% of the non-white color is blue in its many oceanic shades. The remainder has the tones of sand, grass, ice, and shore.

If you like this image, use it, and spread it around. Below are avatar images you can use to represent your drive for #WorldPeace. I hope my work is satisfactory.

I dedicate this design to all of the lives we have lost needlessly over thousands of years of human civilization. I hope that those that have passed on remember that there is good in this world. Those of us that are left are responsible for showing that good to one another, and to all of life.

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