#EURO2016 Wallpapers Available Now!

To complement the newly released #EURO2016 avatar set, here’s a free set of 24 wallpapers representing each of the team’s competing for the summer’s European trophy in France. There is one wallpaper per country and at 1920×1920 resolution, these images are great for mobile device wallpapers as well as traditional desktop backgrounds. Check them out in the gallery below and save your favorite ones to your computer or device!


Each wallpaper has been overlain with a blurred and stylized version of the EURO 2016 logo, sourced from the competition’s Wikipedia page. They also have been overlain with a 2001 NASA satellite image of France.

The national flags and national colors were sourced from each nation’s individual Wikipedia page.

All crests and the EURO 2016 logo used in this wallpaper set are the property of their respective owners and are used here in a wholly non-commercial and free manner.

Any usage issues should be directed to Roguetoad Studios’ contact form.