What’s Next? Free Release of The Miraxis Index and a new Niji Game!

Roguetoad Studios’ Summer Plans


Thanks for coming over to Roguetoad.com. It’s been a rough year, but I’ve solidified a couple of my projects and will be revealing them now. As always, thank you for sticking around and supporting me. I really appreciate those of you who have purchased any of my $0.99 Flag Themes for XPERIA over on the Google Play store. I hope you enjoy the designs!

After going back and forth across a few possible projects, I’ve identified which ones I believe would be most accessible and enjoyable to fans around the world. So here they are!

The Miraxis Index Summer Event – Free Online Episodic Release

The time has come…

Starting this summer, I will be releasing the entire text of my fiction novel, The Miraxis Index, online for free. The physical and Kindle versions on Amazon will remain available, for those who wish to support my work, but the entire book, from beginning to end, will be available to read online on the official website, MiraxisTrilogy.com.

The current plan is to schedule an episodic release from the Prologue and Chapter I all the way to the final Chapter and the Epilogue. I’m scribbling the details right now, but I’ll announce the schedule when it is ready. I want it to be a shared experience and so the release of the book will take place on a weekly basis with a dedicated social media account that readers can interact with. There may also be a live chat box at the bottom of each chapter for readers to discuss what they’ve read.

I’m really excited to share The Miraxis Index with readers around the world. Any and all interest in this experience will help me decide what my next step for The Miraxis Trilogy will be. Stay tuned to my Twitter account (@Roguetoad27) for the most up-to-date news, as well as my ramblings (sorry).

A New Entry in the Niji Franchise

I’m pleased to announce that a new Niji game is in development for mobile Android devices. This new game has already been conceptualized and designed, and is now deep in production. There is no release window yet, but more news is on the horizon alongside a reveal of the title and premise of the game. This game will be bigger and better than Niji Jump and Niji Racer, and it will not be an endless arcade type game.

There isn’t much more to say about it as you’ll see all the details when the game and title are revealed. Look forward to it!

Anything Else?

The two projects above are my main focus right now, but as usual, a few other items may appear throughout the season.

As an independent game designer, I’ve been interested in revealing some of my design ideas right here on Roguetoad.com. To start, I’m currently writing up a long piece about my take on a Star Wars online multiplayer shooter. It’s a great way for me to show some of my design philosophy as well as express myself in a quick and friendly way that doesn’t require actually producing said game.

I’d like to have more gaming relevant articles here, perhaps my takes or impressions on new, upcoming, or even classic games. It’s something I could schedule ahead of time so visitors can enjoy some casual reading.

I’m taking a short break from producing Flag Themes for XPERIA while I’m attentive on the other projects above, but that doesn’t mean I won’t produce more of them. Huge shout-out to those of you who have bought a theme, I’m really grateful for your support!

See you again soon!

That’s all for now friends! I wanted to let you know what’s going on behind the scenes at Roguetoad Studios.

Ever since my father passed away in January, things have been hectic. Somehow it’s already June and I haven’t been able to get into some of the projects I’ve faced as quickly as I had hoped. Fortunately, life is settling back to its usual routine and I feel like I can breath easy. It’s been a long and arduous journey, as it has been for millions of others who have had to battle alongside a loved one and their war against cancer, but at least I know that my father is no longer suffering and he is one with the stars and cosmos above that he loved so much.

This is a small and fragile world we live in. Breath in and enjoy every moment, because you only get one chance to live your life. Do what you love and love what you do.

So, thank you so much for hanging around Roguetoad.com after all these years. Having a place where I can share my content online has been a fun ride, and I don’t intend to end it anytime soon. Keep an eye out for news on the next Niji game as well as the online roll-out of The Miraxis Index.

I hope you all have a wonderful week! – Roguetoad27

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