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New #FlagThemes for #XPERIA Available Now!

Splash your device with the colors of a nation...

Roguetoad27's Premium Flag Theme Set now has 40 nations! With the 2018 World Cup underway, there's never been a better time to grab an original $0.99 Flag Theme design from the Google Play store. With new navigation buttons, app tray icons, and back plates, these colorful themes will immerse you in a nation's hues as you use your Sony XPERIA device. Check out the links below to see more including the latest additions like Australia, Croatia, Scotland, Uruguay, England, and many more!

To see the selection of themes now available, visit Roguetoad Studios on Google Play. You can also explore the plethora of free themes available from designer Roguetoad27 as well as the games Niji Jump and Niji Racer.

To see an organized list of the released themes or request a nation, please visit the official Flag Theme page right here on

Keep an eye out as new themes are added throughout the months! The goal is to produce as many as possible so that most nations and their flags are represented.

Most Popular Themes (as of June 2018)




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