FREE “Wrapping” Theme Set Available Now for #XPERIA!

Who doesn't like free themes?

The spirit of sharing grows stronger as well roll through November and head into the depths of December...

Just kidding! Any time of year is a good time for some freebies! Since I've been busy pumping out Premium themes this year and working on the next Niji title, I've been missing the fun in sharing a quality free theme set. So, if you have an XPERIA device, you can download any and all of the new Wrapping Theme Set right now!

With 14 variants to choose from, there's a color for everyone! Head over to Google Play now and download your favorite ones. Use the icon links below to jump to each theme's individual page.

Enjoy the themes, and happy 2018!

Click any of the icons below to visit each theme's page on Google Play! Any ratings and reviews are appreciated.

Wrapping Core
Wrapping Tropic
Wrapping Solar
Wrapping Florida
Wrapping Scenic
Wrapping Idol
Wrapping Stratos
Wrapping Ocean
Wrapping Monarch
Wrapping Business
Wrapping Sweet
Wrapping Diva
Wrapping Swiss
Wrapping Carbon


Don't have a Sony XPERIA device?

Don't worry about it! You can still enjoy the original wallpaper designs from this set. Check them out in the gallery below and save your favorite ones!