µ’s #LoveLive #ValentinesDay Fan Themes available now!

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The Love Live! Franchise and all respective logos, artwork, and other elements are the property of its codevelopers, ASCII Media Works' Dengeki G's Magazine, music label Lantis, and animation studio Sunrise.

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The Character Images are extracts from the mobile game "Love Live! School idol festival", as obtained from "schoolido.lu".

Source URL: https://schoolido.lu/

Enjoy your favorite µ's girl on Valentine's Day with these fan themes!

Do you love "Love Live!"? Because I do, and that's why I've slaved away on some new unofficial fan themes just for me you! With a busy wallpaper and new heart-themed iconography, these themes will bring out your passion for Love Live!

Choose your Valentine and enjoy a new theme for your device!

Head over to Google Play right now to download these free themes for your XPERIA device! Click the icons below to visit each theme's page.

LL Valentine's Rin Fan Theme

LL Valentine's Hanayo Fan Theme

LL Valentine's Maki Fan Theme

LL Valentine's Kotori Fan Theme

LL Valentine's Honoka Fan Theme

LL Valentine's Umi Fan Theme

LL Valentine's Eli Fan Theme

LL Valentine's Nozomi Fan Theme

LL Valentine's Nico Fan Theme

Wallpapers (2160x1920)

Don't have an XPERIA device? Don't worry! I've got the wallpapers right here so you can still enjoy this theme design. Check them out in the gallery below: