#LoveLive Aqours “Little Devil” Wallpaper & Avatar Set

If you have an unhealthy obsession (as I do) with the characters of Love Live! Sunshine!!, you’ll definitely enjoy this! Here are some wallpapers and avatars I’ve created based on the “Little Devil” set obtainable in the popular mobile game “Love Live! School Idol Festival”. I’ve created custom backgrounds, visual FX, and post-processing to really make this lovely set shine. Pick your favorites below and save them for your own use! I included 1920×1920 wallpapers so that mobile devices can join in the fun.

The artwork of each girl is extracted from the mobile game Love Live School Idol Festival, and obtained from https://schoolido.lu/collection/Little%20Devil/.

1920×1920 Wallpapers

512×512 Headshot Avatars

512×512 Bodyshot Avatars

1920×1920 Alternate Wallpapers

1920×1920 Mixed Wallpapers