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About Roguetoad27 and Roguetoad Studios

Hi and welcome to, the official website of Roguetoad Studios!

I am Roguetoad27, but I also go under the pen name "Rospo Briccone" and my production name "Roguetoad Studios". I'm an independent Game Designer (The Niji Franchise), Graphic Designer (Xperia Themes, Avatars, Wallpapers), and Author (The Miraxis Index). You can see some of my work across the website right here.

Some of you may also recognize me as a former producer of mods for the legendary PC racing game NASCAR Racing 2003 Season. I created the Eyjix Track Series, Reflection Update Series, and much more, all of which are available for download in my NR2003 section. My popular graphics tweaking guide for new installations is always on this website.

Here on, I regularly release various free downloads including original content as well as unofficial avatar packs (like those of sports teams like Real Madrid and Bayern Munich). I also release a lot of custom themes, both free and premium, for Sony's mobile XPERIA line of devices.

I'm always open to inquiries about my work and any requests! If you have any questions or propositions, or just want to say hello, please feel free to use my official contact page here on

You can catch me on Twitter (@Roguetoad27) where I'm more active than anywhere else. I love interacting with anyone and everyone in this wonderfully globalized world, so don't be shy!

More about Roguetoad27

Ah, you'd like to know more? Everyone likes to share, and I'm no exception. Okay, maybe not everyone but, I like to share.

I was born in Spain back in 1991 but I've been living in the USA for the vast majority of my life. I'm a lifelong NASCAR (#24EVER) fan and I became an AC Milan fan in 2010, right before they face-planted and fell so far from their historically successful ways. No it's not my fault.

From the beginning of time I've been a tech nerd, so I have variety of knowledge on all things technology wise from computers and consoles to smartphones and the like.

Speaking of consoles, I'm a huge gamer; I've been gaming since the days of Doom on old Compaq PCs (thanks dad, that was totally appropriate when I was a toddler). My gaming adventure has spanned many consoles and computers, but these days I'm nice and cozy on the Sony PlayStation 4. Some of my favorite games ever include NASCAR Racing 2003 Season (obviously), the Battlefield Series, Final Fantasy VIII, Persona 4, and way more. I love the way certain games can make you feel, both while you're playing and long after the experience has ended. I'm frequently online on the PS4 under the name "Roguetoad27".

I'm also a huge fan of Love Live and idolm@ster and I like to collect figures from those series, as well as others. Singing, dancing, smiles, and color everywhere, what's not to like about idols?

In general I love a lot of things. Also, I have a tendency to ramble about things and not let readers finish the section. Okay, you can go now.

DJ the Dog

Cue homely British narrator: "Rospo's lifelong best friend, DJ the dog, passed away peacefully on the afternoon of April 4th, 2017. A lone wolf type who gave his own siblings a hard time, DJ loved fetching (destroying) tennis balls and hanging around (sleeping). He lived a long life from 2001 to 2017 and will be remembered forever alongside his brother (rival) Conan (2001-2016). May they both be frenemies forever."

DJ (2001 - 2017)

Thanks for the memories my lovable and dorky friend!