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About Roguetoad27 and Roguetoad Studios

Roguetoad27, also known by his pen name Rospo Briccone and production name Roguetoad Studios, is a Game Designer, Graphic Designer (Avatar & Wallpaper Packs, Logos), Former NR2003 Modder (Reflection Updates, Eyjix Tracks, Layout Updates, etc.), and Author (The Miraxis Trilogy).

Rospo began his work at a young age, learning how to use the full power of a PC to produce personal graphics and games as early as 2002. From 2002 to 2007, Rospo produced free avatars and graphics and distributed them on his website, At the same time, he taught himself how to use Mark Overmars' GameMaker software to learn game design, along with some handy books. After producing hundreds of avatar images and other creative productions, Rospo began to focus on a big side project, writing The Miraxis Index in his free time. After creating a new and original universe, he turned his focus back to Game Design but would later release The Miraxis Index in November of 2012, planning a second and third volume for later production.

In 2009, Rospo, a long time player of the PC classic NASCAR Racing Season 2003, began to produce cars, small mods, addons, and tracks for the game. His releases were well received and downloaded thousands of times on,, and other community sites. After a five-year run from 2009 to 2014, Rospo finally released his last NR2003 download and decided to focus fully on a Game Design career.

Rospo started production on a big project in 2014, titled Niji Jump, and completed and released The Fortunix in 2015 for Android devices. He has big plans for various mobile game releases and still releases free avatar and wallpaper packs right here on He is currently writing the sequel to 2012's The Miraxis Index and planning other projects like a companion app for the book trilogy.

More about Rospo

Roguetoad27 has been an avid gamer since the mid-1990's, playing and enjoying games across all platforms and brands. His online name is Roguetoad27 on the PlayStation Network, Steam, and (formerly) Xbox Live. His favorite games include titles like NR2003, the Battlefield franchise, Bungie's Halo, the Atelier series, and much more. His love for games and how they can affect players is what led him to learn about Game Design.

Rospo is also a collector of many things, including video games. He is a lifelong Jeff Gordon fan and a huge supporter of Italian club AC Milan. He is a big fan of Utada Hikaru and Eiffel 65.

DJ the Dog

Rospo's lifelong best friend, DJ the dog, passed away peacefully on the afternoon of April 4th, 2017. A lone wolf type who gave his own siblings a hard time, DJ loved fetching (destroying) tennis balls and hanging around (sleeping). He lived a long life from 2001 to 2017 and will be remembered forever alongside his brother (rival) Conan (2001-2016). May they both be frenemies forever.

DJ (2001 - 2017)

Thanks for the memories my lovable and dorky friend!