Hi and welcome to Roguetoad.com, the official website of Roguetoad Studios!

I am Roguetoad27, but I also go under the pen name "Rospo Briccone" and my production name "Roguetoad Studios". I'm an independent Game Designer (The Niji Franchise), Graphic Designer (Xperia Themes, Avatars, Wallpapers), and Author (The Miraxis Index). You can see some of my work across the website right here.

Some of you may also recognize me as a former producer of downloads for the legendary PC racing game NASCAR Racing 2003 Season. I created the Eyjix Track Series, Reflection Update Series, and much more, all of which are available for download in my NR2003 section. My popular graphics tweaking guide for new installations is always on this website.

I'm a long-term online content creator who is always looking to expand my reach and try new things. I'm self-taught in many fields which allows me to think outside the box from the get-go. Check out my skills below:

Technical Skills

Graphic Design and Image/Photo Editing (Using Corel PaintShop Pro)

Video Game Design and Programming (Using YoYo Games' GameMaker Studio 2 and every version back to the original by Mark Overmars, programming in GML)

Audio Production including composition of original midi-based music and Voice-Over capture (Using ACID Music Studio and Apple GarageBand)

Installation and management of both software and hardware of multiple workstations running on Windows (Laptops, Desktops, All-in-One Systems)

Creative Skills

Story-telling, Character Development, and Scenario Design (As seen in The Miraxis Index)

Creative Design in Visual Material (As seen in Roguetoad Studios' Branding, XPERIA Themes, Avatars, etc.)

Game Design (As seen in released titles, conceptualized ideas, and Dream Design series)

BGM Composition (As heard in released titles as well as individual tracks in the Music page)

I'm always open to inquiries about my work and any requests! If you have any questions or propositions, or just want to say hello, please feel free to use my official contact page here on Roguetoad.com.

You can catch me on Twitter (@Roguetoad27) where I'm more active than anywhere else. I love interacting with anyone and everyone in this wonderfully globalized world, so don't be shy!

DJ the Dog

Cue homely British narrator: "Rospo's lifelong best friend, DJ the dog, passed away peacefully on the afternoon of April 4th, 2017. A lone wolf type who gave his own siblings a hard time, DJ loved fetching (destroying) tennis balls and hanging around (sleeping). He lived a long life from 2001 to 2017 and will be remembered forever alongside his brother (rival) Conan (2001-2016). May they both be frenemies forever."

DJ (2001 - 2017)

Thanks for the memories my lovable and dorky friend!

Lord Madvox

In the early days of 2018, my father finally passed away after an arduous battle with cancer. He was 52 years old. He was an amazing man; always seeking knowledge, always in wonder of the universe we lived in, and always looking to the stars above.

An astronomer, explorer, scientist, teacher, programmer, gamer, and most importantly, my father. Like many on this Earth, he was taken too early, too quickly, and before he had the chance to explore as much of this wonderful world as he wished.

Let his story be one of greatness... the next time you feel a tug, an urge to reach out to something that you can touch, do it.

Just do it. Don't think about it, don't dwell on the possibility; reach out and grab it in your hands. You never know what the future holds, you can never change the past. But...

You can experience the present right now and right here.

Live, love, and share.

And to you, Lord Madvox, whichever realm of deep space you are exploring now, whichever distant constellation now awes you, know that I will never forget everything you've done for me and all of the wonderful experiences we had together.

March on Lord Madvox, until there's nothing else to witness and learn.

- Commander Roguetoad OUT

P.S. Keep your Strategy skills up, because for all of the times you've crushed me in strategy games, throughout Star Wars Galactic Battlegrounds, Company of Heroes, StarCraft II, and all of the others... I will be ready to give you a real challenge. I'm going to make you earn one final victory on the chessboard. Look forward to it.

Lord Madvox (1965 - 2018)

I'll see you again somewhere out there, in the cosmic abyss.