Love Live! Avatars / Profile Pics

Grab these pretty avatars from a Love Live! ADDICT.

So, I like to flex my Graphic Design skills putting together fun profile pics based on the gorgeous illustrated cards of the Love Live! mobile games. Scroll below and grab all the ones you like! You don't have to credit me if you choose to use it as your pfp on any platform, just don't use these for any commercial purpose.

Enjoy! (Eli best girl~)


Illustrated characters and backgrounds used in these images are obtained from the Love Live! mobile games' fan sites including:

SIF/AS - Random / Requests

SIF - μ's/Aqours - LLSIFAC

SIF - μ's - Christmas

SIF - Aqours - Uniform

SIF - Aqours - World Sweets

SIF - Nijigasaki - Anime

SIF - Nijigasaki - Uniform/Training

SIF - μ's - Taisho Romance

SIF - μ's/Aqours - Halloween Night

SIF - Aqours - Autumn Viewing

SIF - Aqours - Escape From School Festival Live Cancellation Crisis

SIF - Aqours - Harvest Season

SIF - Aqours (+ Eli) - Steampunk

SIF - Aqours - Subunit Battle

SIF - μ's - Subunit Live

SIF - Aqours - Summer Beach

SIF - Aqours Spring Fairy

SIF - Aqours 5th Anniversary

SIF - Aqours "Summer Nights" Set (New)

SIF - μ's - Makeup Magic