Paint your own car!

Download a template now to paint your own car! Total Drafting Simulator will include a Community Car-Set and I'll open submissions in the future so you have a chance to get your design featured!

There are three different templates available; see the details and download them below!

(Please do not redistribute these templates elsewhere.)

.PSP Template

This is the .PSPIMAGE template complete with layers, functional masks, and helpful labels! This is the most comprehensive template, but you'll need Corel PaintShop Pro to open it.

.PSD Template

This is the .PSD template complete with basic layers! It will allow you to paint beneath the car details and shading so you can see easily what your design will look like. Adobe Photoshop variants and other popular image editors will be able to use this.

.PNG Template

This is the .PNG template! This is just a merged version of the layers that go on top of your design. Yep, that's it!

Community Car-Set Submissions

Submissions are not being accepted yet. Keep an eye out for any announcements!