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Welcome to Roguetoad.com! This is the official home of Independent Game Designer, Graphic Designer, and Author, Rospo Briccone, also known as Roguetoad27 of Roguetoad Studios. I share a lot of my work here on the site; the links below will help you get around to what you want to see. Thank you so much for coming and enjoy your visit!

Current Projects

Project Status
[NIJI-III] Working on a new Niji mobile game for Android (Google Play).
[MIRAXIS] The Miraxis Index's Full Text has Been Released on MiraxisTrilogy.com.
Check out all of my themes for Sony XPERIA devices, including both Free and Premium content!
Games & Apps
See my released projects including Niji Jump and Niji Racer.
The Miraxis Trilogy
Indulge yourself in the mysterious tale of The Miraxis Trilogy. Soon, you can read Volume I: The Miraxis Index online for FREE!

Revisit my popular Graphics Guide as well as my best downloads for NASCAR Racing 2003 Season.

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Learn more about me and my independent work here at Roguetoad Studios.
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Welcome to Roguetoad.com!