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µ’s Electric City Profile Pics!

Shine the city with the neon lights and vibrant energy of µ’s!

Liella Cherry Blossom Profile Pics!

Just in time for the season!

New Love Live! Superstar!! Profile Pics!

Pick up the Liella girls now!

Aqours KU-RU-KU-RU Cruller! pfps!!!

Edits of the new KU-RU-KU-RU Cruller! LLSIF cards, but as profile pics for you!

µ’s Ice Illusion World pfps!

Be charmed by the icy touch of this µ’s set~

Colorful Knitting Mini PFP Set!

Featuring Setsuna, Shioriko, and Honoka!!!

New Lanzhu pfps!

Come and claim the Imperial Queen~

Still working on the site here and there!

I’ve recently gone through the sensationally tedious process of converting 99% of the site’s images (including those thousands of Love Live! profile pics) into the webp format, and this has VASTLY reduced both the server space consumed as well as loading time when viewing said images.

Otherwise, I’m also still tinkering around to make the site more friendly and appealing! Thanks for sticking around, I’ll still be changing some things and cleaning up. I know I change my site a lot so I deeply appreciate your patience.

Now go have something to drink and take it easy when you can! 💛

New year, new site theme?

Simple answer: YES, but give me time as I clean some things up, reorganize a little, and make the site a more resourceful, helpful place for visitors! Thanks for your patience, Rospo out!