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Poly Serene Live Wallpaper

Soothing, relaxing, and subtle in its tranquility, the Poly Serene Live Wallpaper puts you at ease with its fading blue hues.

Release Details:

Title: Poly Serene Live Wallpaper

Platform(s): Google Android

Release Date: September 18, 2018

Price: $0.99 (Price in United States Dollars. May vary by country.)


Make your phone or tablet experience a soothing one with the eye-catching yet subtle Poly Serene Live Wallpaper. With a dual-layer fading design that rotates, your wallpaper will be busy, but not too much. The movements are soft enough to be easy on the eyes as you navigate your device’s home-screen and lock-screen. Watch as your screen gently fades between hues of blue in the tranquil motions of this polygonal abstract design. Make sure you check out the linked video to see it all in action!

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