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[Updated September 13th, 2018] The Miraxis Index’s Free Online Release, Road-Map and helpful links inside!

The remaining Chapters have been released and the entire text is now available online! Scroll down to the Road-Map for the “Read Now” links or head straight over to MiraxisTrilogy.com… Read more »

What’s Next? Free Release of The Miraxis Index and a new Niji Game!

Hi! Thanks for coming over to Roguetoad.com. It’s been a rough year, but I’ve solidified a couple of my projects and will be revealing them now. As always, thank you… Read more »

#TheMiraxisIndex Official Free #XPERIA Theme Available Now!

Paint your Xperia with the dark colors of The Miraxis Index, my first novel, with a mysterious and intriguing universe. With this free theme, you can enjoy a wallpaper based… Read more »