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Are you a fan of these clubs and national teams? Scroll down through my selection of personally designed avatars and download all the ones you like!

Oh, and #ForzaMilan!

Emblems, Logos, and Crests are the properties of their respective clubs/teams and used here in a non-commercial manner.

EURO 2020

2019/20 UCL

2019/20 AC Milan

2018 World Cup

2017/18 UEL AC Milan

2016/17 El Classico

2016/2017 UCL

2017 CWC Real Madrid

EURO 2016

2016 MLS

AC Milan "Forza Milan"

2015/16 Inter Milan

2015/16 Manchester United

2015/16 Real Madrid

2015/16 FC Bayern Munich

2015/16 AC Milan

2014/15 FC Barcelona