Niji Jump

Release Details:

Title: Niji Jump

Platform(s): Google Android

Release Date: November 25th, 2016

Price: Free (With non-intrusive banner advertisements during play)


Niji Jump is an endless survival game where you control a Niji character and try to clear as many balls as you can. This addictive game is simple but fun with it’s basic premise: try to get the highest score you can. Pick a time of day, a theme, and a Niji, and start jumping for your life! If you get hit just once, it’s game over.


* 9 Time of Day options that change the background to suit your mood.
* 5 Themes with different background objects and ball designs.
* 5 Niji Characters with different colors and full voice-overs.
* Obnoxious birds that give you extra points but totally distract you.

Google Play Services:

* 15 Achievements
* Worldwide Leaderboard

Free with non-intrusive Ads!

* Niji Jump is 100% free with no in-app purchases.
* A single banner advertisement sits on the top during gameplay.


Design, Development, Graphics, Music, and Production: Roguetoad27
Voice of Rampunzy: Roguetoad27
Voice of Charles: GDBB
Voice of Johnson: SGCD
Voice of Pebble: GDBB
Voice of Trixie: SGCD
Testing: GDBB, SGCD, ARGS, and MDVX

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