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Niji Jump

The first game in the Niji franchise, Niji Jump is an endless arcade game where you dodge as many balls as you can to aim for the top score.

Release Details:

Title: Niji Jump

Platform(s): Google Android

Release Date: November 25th, 2016

Price: Free (With non-intrusive banner advertisements during play)


Niji Jump is an endless survival game where you control a Niji character and try to clear as many balls as you can. This addictive game is simple but fun with it’s basic premise: try to get the highest score you can. Pick a time of day, a theme, and a Niji, and start jumping for your life! If you get hit just once, it’s game over.


* 9 Time of Day options that change the background to suit your mood.
* 5 Themes with different background objects and ball designs.
* 5 Niji Characters with different colors and full voice-overs.
* Obnoxious birds that give you extra points but totally distract you.

Google Play Services:

* 15 Achievements
* Worldwide Leaderboard

Free with non-intrusive Ads!

* Niji Jump is 100% free with no in-app purchases.
* A single banner advertisement sits on the top during gameplay.


Design, Development, Graphics, Music, and Production: Roguetoad27
Voice of Rampunzy: Roguetoad27
Voice of Charles: GDBB
Voice of Johnson: SGCD
Voice of Pebble: GDBB
Voice of Trixie: SGCD
Testing: GDBB, SGCD, ARGS, and MDVX

Download for Free:

Get it on Google Play



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