Nijigasaki Profile Pics

Nijigasaki Profile Pics

Listed here are all of my Nijigasaki profile pics. Other groups' sets, or sets that are collaborative, that include Nijigasaki girls are listed here too, so there will be some overlap!

Lesson Time at Nijigasaki

SIF2 R Set

SIF2 Yukata



Birthday Live


Just Believe!!!

Sparkling Grace

Spring Wallpapers

Nijigasaki/μ's Colorful Knitting

Lanzhu (Birthday 2022)

Nijigasaki - Kimono

Nijigasaki - Jersey

All-Stars Montage 2021

SIFAS - Nijigasaki - Just Believe!!!

SIF - Nijigasaki - 8th Anniversary

All-Stars - Nijigasaki - Love U My Friends

SIF - Nijigasaki - Rainbow Rose

SIF - Nijigasaki - Anime

SIF - Nijigasaki - Uniform/Training