Endless Doors

Endless Doors [A GXC #NoticeMe Game Jam Production]

An experiment? A trial?

You're not really sure how you got here, but your senses tell you it isn't a dream.

All you see before you are doors, and forward is the only way you can go. Perhaps it's a test, of your wits, of your fortune, even your intuition.

All there is to do is choose a door, and go.

But... if only it were that easy. The clock is ticking and night fast approaches. What lurks in the darkness?

Can you keep yourself calm when there's shadow all around?

And... will you be able to keep your flashlight charged and lighting your way?

Most importantly... how far can you go?

Welcome to Endless Doors, a game produced for the GXC #NoticeMe Game Jam. The entire experience and all of its assets, save for a single audio track, were produced during the jam, from start to finish. The game's premise is simple: choose a door and go through it, and hope you made the right choice. There are many elements in play, and it's up to you to discover what you need to do to achieve the highest score. Be sure to join the "Rooms Cleared" challenge to put yourself on the leaderboard!!!

Design, Development, and SFX by Roguetoad27 (@roguetoad27 - Twitter)

Art, VO by MGaru

Additional Design by Scarletta

Endless Doors © 2019-2022 Madvox