Niji Jump


Inspired by the frustrating difficulty of Flappy Bird, Niji Jump is a simple endless arcade game where your only control is to tap on the floor to make your Niji jump.

Hold your finger for longer, and they jump higher. Tap again as they fall, and you can do a single bouncing double jump.

Sounds easy right?

Play it, and you'll learn the truth. Good for all ages but also tough for everyone, Niji Jump is a fun distraction when you need a good laugh. With a fully-voiced cast of Niji, annoying seagulls, and fun medals to collect, Niji Jump will be right at home on your mobile device.

Niji Jump was produced with GameMaker Studio and released in 2016 for the Android mobile platform.

[Download and Play]

This game has been temporarily removed as a new and improved revision will be released on in the future. Sorry for the inconvenience!