Free XPERIA themes for your device!

Do you use a Sony XPERIA Phone or Tablet?

Well, you can download and use any of my many free themes and enjoy a new design for your device! All of my XPERIA themes are available right here, independent from the Google Play store.

Just be really careful when installing android packages (APKs) from the internet. You have to enable installation from "unknown sources" to install one of these themes, but be absolutely sure to un-check "unknown sources" after so that your phone is safe from unverified apps.

Here's a detailed guide if you find my directions vague and unconvincing. []

Unofficial Themes

These themes are based off of existing IPs and are both unofficial and not endorsed by the original property owners.

Kingdom Hearts

Love Live!

Original Themes

These themes are original designs involving abstract art, nations, and more.

Premium Flags Set

Wrapping Set

Flow Set

Nations Set

EURO 2016 Set

Specter Set

Individual Designs

Live Wallpapers