A Brief Message about Twitter and my Socials

Heya. 💛

I tend to post almost exclusively on Twitter, however the platform has become aggressively unreliable as of late, and at this particular moment, my account appears to be restricted and nonfunctional. I’ve been exceptionally patient, but the reality is that I, or you, needn’t deal with such constant, significant issues on a site that as of last Summer was under stable leadership and optimal functionality.

I’m seriously considering which platform to possibly move my presence to, however, I know I will lose a huge amount of my presence that I have worked so very hard to achieve on Twitter. It is a disheartening and frustrating situation, but if I do find another place to call my online home, I will share the details here.

It’s not singularly clear via my website, but the vast majority of my online presence is in the service of other people, to help those suffering misfortune, to give support and care to the youth and others who have difficult lives, and to generally work to create a positive, uplifting, safe, and comfortable environment for others. Having that be compromised by repeatedly atrocious management is exhausting. For over a decade, Twitter has been a place for me to privately and publicly address others’ needs, psychologically, emotionally, or otherwise, and it pains me to see that very platform be torn apart daily.

I appreciate you for reading this. I know my website is by far not the primary source of connection I have with others, but I hope that anyone who sees this understands how deeply I feel about my desire and ability to work towards helping others be healthy, happy, and safe. I’m so grateful for the thousands of people I have met over many a year, and I would trade all of those experiences for nothing. My purpose is to lift others up, and that’s precisely what I will always try my best to do.

Thank you for reading. I sincerely hope life is treating you well, and that you have a reason to smile soon.

– Rospo