“Princess for a Day” µ’s Profile Pics!

The nine girls of µ’s will always be royalty. 👑

Aqours Snow Fairy Profile Pictures!!!

Bring in the festive cheer with the Aqours girls in a merry palette of designs!

Kanan & Riko “Mountain Hare” Set

Enjoy these matching profile pictures and layouts of the ever-wonderful Kanan and Riko from Aqours!

Neko µ’s Profile Pics!!!

Who doesn’t love catgirls?

Aqours Brides Wallpaper Set!!!

Enjoy the precious members of Aqours in their gorgeous bridal dresses with these portrait wallpapers!


KiRa-KiRa Sensation! pfps!!!

Enjoy a new vibrant and colorful set for the girls of µ’s!!!

Nijigasaki “Paint” Profile Pics!!!!

Paint the world in the rainbow hues of Nijigasaki’s School Idols!!!

Aqours Subunit Profile Pics!!!

These vibrant pfps will help you show your support for AZALEA, CYaRon!, and Guilty Kiss!

Aqours Halloween Profile Pic Set!!!

Make the most of Spooky October with the girls of Aqours in the twilight shades of Halloween…