Welcome to Roguetoad.com!

Welcome to Roguetoad.com! This is the official home of Independent Game Designer, Graphic Designer, and Author, Rospo Briccone, also known as Roguetoad27 of Roguetoad Studios. I share a lot of my work here on the site; the links below will help you get around to what you want to see. Thank you so much for coming and enjoy your visit!

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After thinking on it for some time, I've finally decided to open a store over on TeePublic where I can upload my designs for use on clothing, accessories, and more! If you'd like to help support all of my work, please consider checking it out over on TeePublic.

Use the button below if you'd like to visit the official Roguetoad27 store on TeePublic!

Current Projects

I'm currently working on a new Niji physics-based game, a yet unrevealed scary mobile game, a secret project related to The Miraxis Index, unofficial Fan Themes for XPERIA devices, and more!

I'm most active on my Twitter account so if you're interested in what I'm up to, as well as me rambling about games I'm playing and such, please follow @Roguetoad27 on Twitter. I hope your 2019 is full of laughter, smiles, and good health!

Check out all of my themes for Sony XPERIA devices, including both Free and Premium content!
Games & Apps
See my released projects including Niji Jump and Niji Racer.
The Miraxis Trilogy
Indulge yourself in the mysterious tale of The Miraxis Trilogy. You can read the entire text of Volume I: The Miraxis Index online for FREE!

Revisit my popular Graphics Guide as well as my best downloads for NASCAR Racing 2003 Season.

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Learn more about me and my independent work here at Roguetoad Studios.
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Welcome to Roguetoad.com!