Welcome to Roguetoad.com!

Hi! I'm Roguetoad27, also known by my pen name "Rospo Briccone", and I'm an independent video game designer, graphic designer, and the author of "The Miraxis Index". I'm a gaming enthusiast and collector and I love to share my work (and nonsense) here and primarily on Twitter (@Roguetoad27).

I'm highly experienced with GameMaker Studio 2 (and all previous versions), Corel PaintShop Pro, XPERIA Theme Creator, and additional production software. I'm always open for business proposals; feel free to reach out through my on-site contact form or hit me up with a DM on Twitter.

I've got a lot of projects and ideas under wraps; check out my content below, and current projects further down.


Games & Apps

The Miraxis Index




Niji Stack

I'm currently developing a new mobile Niji game that is a physics-based experience with many stages and fun modes. You can check out the game's page for more info and screenshots.

The Miraxis Trilogy

The Miraxis Index, Volume I of The Miraxis Trilogy, is available for reading now; you can support me by grabbing a physical or digital copy on Amazon, or you can dive in and start reading the whole text on the official website for free!

I'm currently writing the sequel, aptly titled The Miraxis Complex.

Total Drafting Simulator

Another game I'm working on is Total Drafting Simulator, a physics-based stock-car game with realistic slipstream racing where you have to learn how to draft to gain positions. It's definitely unique!

YouTube/Twitch Gaming Channel

I've been mulling over the creation of a gaming channel for some time now, and I have the main concept finalized. I'm currently preoccupied with my Game Development projects, but I'll share the details when the time comes.