What is old, made new again.

For those of you who have followed me through the years, you may know that I have much the tendency to fiddle around with my logo. In 2015, I originally introduced a new logo that I used and presented in an abundance of colorways, the default being the yellow version.

In 2023, the logo on my site has been a text-based logo with simply “Roguetoad Studios” within. I didn’t spread it as it wasn’t completely final, and having spent this year with it, I’ve decided that I like it, but it’s not quite iconic as my previous logo.

And so, I’ll be returning to the logo I used for many years before, but with a subtly updated design and new, brighter colors.

I could sit here and describe in depth the individual elements, but the reality is that it is simply an improvement on the original with, in my opinion, happier and more vibrant colors! I’ll be using this once again, as well as alternative colorways.

I’ll be updating my other pages (Such as Ko-fi and accordingly. Thank you so much for reading. 💛