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Game Designer, Graphic Designer, Former NR2003 Modder, and Author of The Miraxis Index. Roguetoad27 on PSN, XBL, and Steam.

What’s Next? Free Release of The Miraxis Index and a new Niji Game!

Hi! Thanks for coming over to It’s been a rough year, but I’ve solidified a couple of my projects and will be revealing them now. As always, thank you… Read more »

Color your #XPERIA device in the hues of a nation! $0.99 Premium Flag Themes available now!

The world is covered with nations, each with their own colors, crests, and cultures. Celebrate this diversity and help support Roguetoad Studios with a $0.99 Flag Theme for Sony XPERIA… Read more »

Premium @LordMadvox Theme for XPERIA Available Now!

My first premium theme for Xperia is now available! This $0.99 USD theme has a lot of special details and was produced in dedication to my late father who passed… Read more »